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2018 Book Review – Part 1

It’s been a while since I’ve done a book review, in fact a REALLY long while, and maybe I only read one book in 2017?! …

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Let Freedom Ring

Well, I never really meant for it to be almost 3 months before I sat back here at the keyboard and typed on my blog…but,…

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Whew! How has it been almost 6 weeks since I’ve sat down at the blog!?  Time flies when you’re having fun? finishing the last eight-weeks-of-MBA!! It’s true,…

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#InternationalWomensDay 2018

I’ve had a few conversations lately about the various movements of women in many circles of life, most of which all intersect in some way…

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2017: Grow

Here it is already one month down of 2018, and I’ve yet to write about 2017 and my word from the year.  I already have…

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