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Divine 09

A few years ago a dear friend and I resolved to have an annual theme instead of New Year’s resolutions. So, far, they have worked…

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Tagged – The FIRST Time! 🙂

I was tagged for the first time (Jacquie please don’t exclude me from future tagging due to my tardiness) to post the 6th picture in…

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Guess Who ….

… is going to be a BIG brother ?? Cole is!! My brother and sister-in-law are expecting and I’m praying PINK!! 🙂 A little bundle…

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FINISHED, but really, the journey is still going!

Wow. We are done, and loaded on the bus to head back to our hotel. Can’t wait for showers, dinner, and a bed! Friends, for…

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Fire & Cupcakes

Last night, in a moment of being pro-active against sore-muscles, I put BenGay on my legs. Around 12 am, I woke up on FIRE!! I…

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