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The Enneagram test is a currently a hot topic in personality testing and group dynamics studies. I’ve done the test (paid for version) and I…

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#write31days | October 31

Here I am at the 31st day of writing for this year’s Write 31 Days series.  This year of writing has been a little different…

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#write31days | October 30

Last night in my small group we were discussing Nehemiah and the calling he had been given to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. This was…

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#write31days | October 29

I wrote earlier this month about saying “no”, but the flip side of “no” is when to say “yes”. This is another area of my…

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#write31days | October 28

Friday afternoon I had a rare treat of happy hour out with friends, specifically this week the friends I used to work with.  Since changing…

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