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#write31days | October 22

I booked a trip on Sunday evening for the spring and was talking about the pricing of various airline tickets and additional costs for baggage,…

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#write31days | October 21

When I was near the end of my MBA a few other commitments were coming to an end as well. I made a conscious decision…

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#write31days | October 20

A week ago I found something I thought I’d lost. Nothing super significant, more than anything just frustrated with myself I’d lost it.  When I…

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#write31days | October 19

A few weeks ago I was editing a document that included a sentence about asking for help.  The sentence said “I understand that asking for…

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#write31days | October 18

If you’ve read here since day one, or in previous years, it’s about this point in October that I start to think I don’t have…

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