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#write31days | October 14

Sunday. Sabbath. Rest. The one thing that seems so hard to find time for, but the one thing we all really need. And then, need…

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#write31days | October 13

Happy Saturday! This week was packed, two work events, rodeo meeting, Bible study and I was  glad for a Friday night at home! Of course…

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#write31days | October 12

This week is a hard one for me, I’ve lost two besties in October, one October 10, 2006 and another last year, October 15, 2017. …

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#write31days | October 11

I’ve always been a believer in checking in on someone when they come to mind repeatedly. Even if I don’t know what may/may not be…

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#write31days | October 10

It’s been a while since my last Book Review, so I thought now was a good time to #doitagain.  I read a lot at the…

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