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Letting Go

Tonight’s to-do list:  – Trash Out – Laundry– Cook supper– Workout– Mail stack– Balance checkbook– Blog I often have topics that I want to capture…

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I’ve been told I’m Versatile!

Thank you to Blair over at “Oh, you know …”; I’ve been told I’m a versatile blogger!  Thanks Blair for your consistent encouragement on my…

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I have new neighbors that I have wanted to meet for a while, but the timing hasn’t worked out when I have seen them outside. …

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~ Wedding Song ~

… started this post a long time ago, but it’s a historical Royal Wedding day, so decided to finish/publish … I’ve never been the girl…

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wHo ARe yOu?!

One of my favorite questions that my late friend Amy used to ask strangers or new acquaintances was “Who are you?”. It produced a myriad…

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